Namgis horse facility

The Namgis Quarter Horses Facility sets in the gently rolling country west of San Antonio, Texas, in Hondo. With a nice, large covered arena this is one of the training locations used for our riding horses and is the primary facility used for our breeding program as we have a lab that has been constructed on site. This is also where all of the foals get handled and start their ground work training from when they are newborn to a yearling.


the wilson

The Wilson ranch is a beautiful ____ acre ranch with a ___ acre man made lake. This is where we host many hunters throughout the season for Headwaters for Heroes. It is accompanied by a large lodge, an outdoor kitchen and am incredible dock where hunters and their families can spend time cooking, fishing and winding down. It is managed by our wildlife manager Peter Johns.



The range at the headquarters division is stocked with 150 black angus brood cows. The headquarters division is also where we winter our bulls. We also maintain a small herd of corriente-longhorn cross cattle that we use for arena work for our colts. In favorable years this ranch is where we will run stocker cattle.